Excessive Fats: Check The Tips To Lose Some Body Fat

Good health is God’s gift but excessive weight is a curseExcessive weight is commonly due to the presence of excessive fats in the body and brings a lot of major health-related problems like high blood pressure (hypertension), High LDL cholesterol, Low LDL cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, Coronary heart disease, Gallbladder disease, Sleep apnea and breathing problems, knee pain, strokes, some types of cancer, Difficulty with physical working and body pain  etc. Body fat plays an essential role in body weight.

Body Fat

Types of Body Fats:

If you consult some dietician to lose some weight he/she will give stress on losing the body fat but some body fat is necessary for the smooth working of the body. That’s why body fat is divided into two types as essential body fat and non-essential body fat.

Essential Body Fat:

Essential body fat is that which is necessary for the body to function properly and smoothly. The fat stored in bones, Joints, central nervous system, muscles and organs is essential body fat. If you have less fat than the requirement in these areas then the working of these parts will be affected, e.g. fewer fats in the bones can weaken the bones and low level of fat in joints can cause joints’ pain like knee pain etc.

The requirement of essential body fat proportion is different for men and women and more in the case of women. Fat required for a healthy adult male is at least 2-5% of its body weight for vital functioning which is 10-13% in the case of women.

Body Fat

Non-Essential Body Fat:

The fat which is excessive than the vital requirement of the body is called non-essential body fat. This is the excessive energy stored in the body which provides fuel to the human body. This provides insulation to the body in cold atmospheric conditions and also protects the vital human body organs. In addition to this, it provides the required energy in case of starvation.

When these non-essential body fats keep on storing without any consumption or due to less consumption the body start looking bulky. This is mainly due to the wrong diet plan. Either you are doing very less physical work or you are taking excessive fats in your routine diet. If you diet is balanced according to your physical working then there may be some other clinical issues also and you should go for expert advice in that case.

Tips to Reduce Body Fat:

There are many ways to reduce the body fat from simple home remedies to clinical process. We will discuss these tips one by one.


Body Fat

If you have made your mind to lose some weight then the first and essential step is dieting. You should plan your diet very carefully and you should be aware of you intake calories. This can be done only with the good knowledge of various foods which is very difficult for a normal person. So here comes the role of a dietician who can plan your diet according to your working schedule (siting work or physical work) So consult a good dietician and get the diet planned according to your physical requirement.

Improve Eating Habits:

Eating habits also have the crucial role in gaining or losing weight or fats. Due to our busy life, we do not bother to take care of eating schedule. Most of the people take very light to medium breakfast due to the haste to reach the office on time. Some people even skip the breakfast.

Body Fat

In the night we all have a lot of time and we take heavy dinner in late night and go to sleep soon after the dinner. These both habits are wrong. Breakfast should be heavy and dinner should be very light because after dinner we don’t give much time to digest the food and go to sleep. While sleeping the body is mostly ideal, doing almost no physical work. Therefore all the energy received from the food get stored in the body which is, later on, add to the fatness. If you want to lose fat you should take light dinner like fruits and cooked green vegetables. There are many foods which have fat burning capabilities. Increase the intake of that foods. Some foods are:


Nuts are the great source of mood-boosting magnesium. Foods rich in magnesium are extremely helpful in losing fats.


Eating fish also helps in reducing fat. Fish has high protein value and rich in omega-3s. It helps in reducing fat and building muscles.


Low-fat milk is rich in calcium. Milk is very helpful when it comes to the belly fat. Some studies have shown that it promotes greater weight loose.


One more method to reduce the fats is to burn the fats. This can be done by exercise. Exercise needs a lot of physical activity which burns the excessive calories and fats. Running, Cycling and aerobic exercise can not only help in weight and fat reduction but can also help to remain free from many diseases. To reap the real benefit of exercise you should combine the aerobics with other exercises and perform aerobics at least 3 times in a week and the session should not be less than 30 minutes.

Clinical Process

Technology is reached to a next generation level and almost everything is possible to achieve in real life with the help of latest technology. So in this technological era, fat reduction is not the other thing. There are many clinical processes, surgical and non-surgical, to reduce the fats from the body.

Non-surgical processes involve the eating the fat burners or directly injecting in the system through injections like ATX-101, LIPO-202 etc. Other non-surgical clinical processes are Coolsculpting, Liposonix, Ultrashape etc.

Body Fat


Surgical methods involve removal of extra fat from the body by surgery. This process is much painful than the non-surgical processes and involves some complications and side effects.

We hope that it will help you to reduce your body fats and loose some weight and keep you fit and healthy. If you like this post then please don’t forget to share it with your near and dear ones.


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