How to Give Your Wardrobe a Spring Clean

It is that time of year when winter is fading away and the spring sun is creeping through. As sales gradually come to a close and the high street retailers return to their regular lines of stock, the time comes to take stock of what you have. If you’ve heavily indulged on the great offers or even winter wear, you need to now examine the contents of your wardrobe.


We all are guilty of clinging on to those old favourites but with the change in weather, it brings a perfect opportunity for a clear out. We are all too often sentimental when it comes to those old shoes or tops that served us so well in the past. Those items bought on a whim without trying them on, only to realise they don’t fit the size you were or in fact, that it was a terrible decision. Maybe it’s the cost keeping the piece or the idea that it may come back ‘in’ one day but we let ourselves ignore our gut instinct of knowing that it needs to go.

A spring clear out is a cleanse. By removing what you don’t wear (or that really shouldn’t ever be worn), we free up space for new arrivals to start dominating your wardrobe. This allows you to begin to develop your new season’s style and as everyone knows, new outfits make you feel good, refreshed and looking on trend.

So What Do You Need to Do?

Any wardrobe clear out, let’s be honest, is an emotional process. Having built up your collection of pieces over the years, the money invested and the memories gained seem tough to part with. This is where you need to get tough. You don’t need to rush your decisions but you need to be ruthless. The steps below should hopefully allow you to accept you are clear out conclusions whilst streamlining your current wardrobe – just remember as hard as it seems, be realistic and honest. If you don’t wear it, you don’t need it!

  1. The Evaluation – Ask yourself what do you actually have and what do you actually need? A simple question but it will give you some clarity on what you have too much or too few of allowing you to take stock of what needs to go and what you need to invest in.
  2. The Divide – Now you need to separate your clothes into three piles. A keep, a throw and the maybe pile. Bare in mind the overall balance and be strict with yourself on what you actually wear. Trends do come back around but some items cannot even be saved then, so don’t make excuses. Here it is important to consider your look and what you plan on styling yourself like. If a phase of the past is done with and you’re going in a different direction, then let go.
  3. The Decision– Re-evaluate your pile and make sure you have everything in the correct piles. You could guess it was coming so now it’s time to go through that maybe pile with a magnifying glass. Make comparisons with your keep pile as these will be what you’ll be pairing them with. From socks to hats make sure they there is ‘no stone unturned’ and make those truthful decisions of what should stay or go.
  4. The Keep Pile Assessment – Go into depth with your keep pile and be subjective. Look at the fit, the colours, the condition, the age and why you chose to keep it in the first place. If you’re holding on it, it needs to work with your desired look and whole collection. As much as you may love something, over worn and tired looking items sadly need to be parted with so moving them into the throw pile.
  5. The Put Back – If you’re at this stage, then well done, you should be proud of being tough on yourself. Here you can take advantage of an empty wardrobe, start again and add some organisation to your furniture. Having a more ordered place will make it easier to keep stock of what you own so pairing outfits together becomes easier.
  6. The Sale – Now you could choose to give your ‘thrown away’ clothes to the charity shop but if times are hard then make your rejected pile a money pile. You’ve spent a lot of your hard earned cash on those clothes and most of them will be sellable. Stick them eBay and make some money back!
  7. The Re-Stock –Here you can use some of the money you’ve recouped to reinvest in some new items. Take the opportunity to improve your wardrobe, whether you’re after those new Cruyff trainers or new Louboutin’s heels, you deserve to treat yourself and look good this spring.
  8. The Maintenance –Keep everything tidy. There’s nothing more annoying than going through the hard work or having a clear out, to a week later being back amongst the mess. Take regular stock of what you’ve got and what you need. You can clear out items as you go along. If some of those maybe items made it but you’ve realised you don’t need them, then be decisive and say goodbye.

The transition from autumn/winter to spring/summer is the perfect time to have a good clear out.All you need to do is fairly evaluate your wardrobe in order to make room for those new beautiful items. Don’t put it off and capitalise on the coming season. Now’s the time to develop your new style!


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